Limitless World Petroleum discusses why you should get a diesel generator

Loadshedding: 5 Benefits of Getting a Generator

Recent months have seen the return of loadshedding to South Africa, causing major interruptions in business operations and plaguing the lives of all South Africans. Though Eskom has hinted at the possible extended stay of loadshedding (over the next 18 months), President Cyril Ramaphosa himself has now also indicated similarly – meaning loadshedding will likely be a reality all have to come to terms with.

Given the announcement made during SONA 2020, it may be time to consider backup power supplies like diesel generators. These hardy machines could help you avoid another night with candles! Here are five benefits of owning a diesel generator…

Benefit of a Diesel Generator #1: Affordable

Diesel generators are considerably affordable! In comparison to other interim power supply options, like a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) or even solar power, diesel generators can be bought at relatively affordable prices. The cost of a diesel generator is dependent on several factors: brand, wattage, voltage, and fuel type – some generators use petrol instead of diesel. How much you pay is thus dependent on your needs – are you planning on powering a few essential items, like lights and essential appliances, or are you hoping to keep your entire home running during national grid down times? You will need to ensure that the diesel generator you choose is capable of powering everything you need it to!

Benefit of a Diesel Generator #2: Easy to Maintain

A diesel generator is essentially a diesel engine, and just like the engine in your car, your generator will need to be maintained. Luckily, diesel generators are quite easy to maintain – even for the layman! With a few simple, regular actions, you can prolong the life of your generator and keep it running smoothly: 

  • routinely check your generator for leaks and wear and tear
  • monitor oil, coolant and fuel levels 
  • change the oil regularly
  • do not run your generator inside your house – this is more for your safety, as the fumes from a generator can poison and incapacitate you before you even realise it has happened; always run your generator in a well-ventilated area! 
  • always turn your generator off and allow it to cool down before refuelling
  • don’t allow your generator to run out of fuel; generators create power by rotating magnetic coils along each other, and these coils can lose their magnetism when the generator runs out of fuel because, even though they will stop producing electricity, the appliances running off of that generator will continue to draw power from the magnets – resulting in a hefty repair bill!
  • don’t leave old fuel sitting in your generator, even if you aren’t using it everyday; take old fuel out and keep your generator’s system clean
  • like any machine, generators don’t like sitting idle and a generator that has gone unused for too long may become mechanically faulty – run it for thirty minutes or so every few months if you stop using it often.

Benefits of a Diesel Generator #3: Longevity

Diesel engines are known for their tough, sturdy builds, and a diesel generator is no different. In comparison to petrol-operated generators, diesel generators are cost-effective and quite economical. They are also more powerful while having a lower consumption rate and greater efficiency. Petrol generators may experience short life spans because they break down over time – this is due to the high heat they produce. In comparison, diesel generators are extremely durable and, if maintained, will likely outlive their petrol counterparts.

Benefits of a Diesel Generator #4: Portable and Stationary Options

Once you have identified your power needs (whether you need something to power your whole house, or just a few items) you can then begin your search for a suitable diesel generator. There are stationary options and portable options, and both have their perks. Stationary diesel generators are installed into a secure space in your home. When the power goes out, these generators automatically kick in and begin providing power to your home. Portable generators don’t have a fixed installation point and can be moved around, but need to be started up manually when you need to use them.

Benefits of a Diesel Generator #5: Low Noise

Generators are notorious for producing quite a lot of noise, and probably annoy your neighbours (who may not have a generator themselves…). Luckily, newer generator models offer a low noise option for a small additional cost!

Keep Your Generator Fuelled with Limitless World Petroleum

We at Limitless World Petroleum understand the importance of keeping your home or office powered when you need it. That’s why we’re providing our clients with a convenient method of filling your generators: we come to you! Get in touch to learn more.

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